Selenium Firefox and saving webpage as PDF

A quick sample to save a webpage as PDF using Selenium with Firefox. Here I’m using Helium as a wrapper over Selenium but the same configuration can be directly applied to selenium library.

You can read more about using Helium here.

Installing the selenium wrapper

pip3 install helium

Python code

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from time import sleep

from helium import start_firefox
from selenium.webdriver import FirefoxOptions

options = FirefoxOptions()
options.set_preference("print.always_print_silent", True)
options.set_preference("print.printer_Mozilla_Save_to_PDF.print_to_file", True)
options.set_preference("print_printer", "Mozilla Save to PDF")

driver = start_firefox("", options=options)

sleep(2)  # Found that a little wait is needed for the print to be rendered otherwise the file will be corrupted


Once the above script is finished, you’ll find mozilla.pdf in the current directly.