[Links] Ask HN: What are some tools / libraries you built yourself?

馃崐 HN Link

馃寧 Recut - Remove Silence From Your Videos Automatically

馃寧 WebTorrent 路 GitHub

馃寧 Please Wait… | Cloudflare

馃寧 GitHub - XITRIX/iTorrent: Torrent client for iOS 9.3+

馃寧 Welcome to AltStore

馃寧 Listen Notes: The best podcast search engine

馃寧 </> htmx - high power tools for html

馃寧 ///_hyperscript

馃寧 Tarsnap - Open Source

馃寧 Binary diff

馃寧 timezone converter

馃寧 Waqt - A simple timezone tracker

馃寧 midori

馃寧 fae 冒聼搂職 - H3RALD

馃寧 H3

馃寧 HastyScribe - H3RALD

馃寧 min language - Welcome to the min programming language

馃寧 GitHub - schappim/macOCR: Get any text on your screen into your clipboard.

馃寧 dotfiles/ocr at master 路 JJGO/dotfiles 路 GitHub

馃寧 pytesseract 路 PyPI

馃寧 Hammerspoon

馃寧 GitHub - acj/krapslog-rs: Visualize logs in your terminal: 鈻傗杻鈻冣杻鈻冣杻鈻呪枀鈻呪枀鈻冣杻鈻呪枀鈻嗏枃

馃寧 GitHub - acj/pingrok: A tool for displaying subsecond offset heatmaps of ICMP ping latency

馃寧 GitHub - getzola/zola: A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. https://www.getzola.org

馃寧 GitHub - Keats/tera: A template engine for Rust based on Jinja2/Django

馃寧 GitHub - Keats/kickstart: A scaffolding tool to get new projects up and running quickly

馃寧 GitHub - Keats/validator: Simple validation for Rust structs

馃寧 GitHub - DevJac/OwnTime.jl: A Julia profiling package that provides an "own time" and "total time" view of profiling data

馃寧 GitHub - joe-crawford/Static-Site-Search: Generate a "static" website search engine

馃寧 GitHub - amacneil/dbmate: A lightweight, framework-agnostic database migration tool.

馃寧 GitHub - qustavo/dotsql: A Golang library for using SQL.

馃寧 Sqitch: Sensible database change management

馃寧 Webhook.site - Test, process and transform emails and HTTP requests

馃寧 InstaDJ - Create & Share YouTube Playlists

馃寧 Celestite: Reactive web apps with Crystal + Svelte

馃寧 The Ink blog | Ink

馃寧 Build tools around workflows, not workflows around tools | thesephist.com

馃寧 Projects | thesephist.com

馃寧 GitHub - mykolav/require-named-args-fs: "Require named arguments" Roslyn code analyzer and code-fix provider for C# implemented in F#

馃寧 GitHub - mykolav/must-use-ret-val-fs: "Must use return value" Roslyn code analyzer and code-fix provider for C# implemented in F#

馃寧 GitHub - go-restruct/restruct: Rich binary (de)serialization library for Golang

馃寧 GitHub - jchv/pngextract: Tool to extract PNG files out of a binary blob.

馃寧 GitHub - jchv/flsplit: Simple tool to split FL Studio project files by playlist track.

馃寧 Kaitai Web IDE

馃寧 GitHub - jonathan-laurent/AlphaZero.jl: A generic, simple and fast implementation of Deepmind's AlphaZero algorithm.

馃寧 DreamList: the meaningful online wishlist and registry maker. Make a wish list, birthday list, christmas wish list, wedding, or baby registry you can manage with others. Shop virtually with others. Collaborate on group wish lists. Share wish lists as a family or use as team shopping cart.

馃寧 GitHub - sloonz/uback: Universal/Uniform Backup Tool

馃寧 GitHub - sloonz/ngx-auth: Simple Authentication for nginx

馃寧 chronic(1) 鈥 moreutils 鈥 Debian jessie 鈥 Debian Manpages

馃寧 moreutils

馃寧 See and compare your Spotify stats 鈥 volt.fm

馃寧 PostSheet 鈥 No-code email and SMS service

馃寧 Pikaso 鈥 Screenshot Twitter like a pro

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/zsh-vi-search: Adds support for searching the current line (in normal vi mode) to zsh.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/catj: Displays JSON files in a flat format.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/mann: With mann you will never forget command line options again.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/pgcmd: Non-interactive PostgreSQL query tool.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/sqlmon: Collects events from SQL Server and saves them to Elasticsearch for further analysis.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/sqltop: Find the most resource consuming SQL Server queries.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/mon: Painless performance monitoring for Windows.

馃寧 GitHub - soheilpro/Ledger: Interactive CLI double-entry accounting application.

馃寧 GitHub - mila-iqia/paperoni: Search for scientific papers on the command line

馃寧 GitHub - breuleux/synecure: Simple rsync-based synchronization CLI program

馃寧 GitHub - mattsse/crossref-rs: A rust client for the Crossref-API

馃寧 Make a macOS executable binary or .dylib portable 路 GitHub

馃寧 A soundfont VST for macOS

馃寧 GitHub - mingodad/ljs: Lua with C/C++/Java/Javascript syntax

馃寧 GitHub - mingodad/squilu: A scripting language that accepts a subset of javascript and C/C++

馃寧 The Compiler Generator Coco/R

馃寧 GitHub - mingodad/db-api-server: Create, document and prototype applications at "user level" in near realtime (live).

馃寧 GitHub - mingodad/GLPK: Mirror of GLPK versions and changes made by me and by others elsewhere

馃寧 Rich Text Editor

馃寧 Webflow: Create a custom website | No-code website builder

馃寧 Yet Another Dotfiles Manager - yadm

馃寧 Gitpages.app | Bring your GitHub Project alive with a landing page

馃寧 Lowdefy - Build internal tools with YAML | Lowdefy - Build internal tools with YAML

馃寧 https://github.com/tree-annotation

馃寧 Home 路 andrey-utkin/wearable-computer Wiki 路 GitHub

馃寧 Home 路 andrey-utkin/taskdb Wiki 路 GitHub

馃寧 Home 路 sqlhub-net/sqlhub-net Wiki 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - andrey-utkin/MiBand3: Library to work with Xiaomi MiBand 3

馃寧 GitHub - cube2222/jql: Easy JSON Query Processor with a Lispy syntax in Go

馃寧 simonw/releases.md at main 路 simonw/simonw 路 GitHub

馃寧 Datasette: An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data

馃寧 CampAlert: The Fastest Campsite Notification Service

馃寧 Checkout Chick 20 Second Demo

馃寧 GitHub - GuB-42/dupfiletree: Find duplicate files and folders

馃寧 Concise Encoding

馃寧 GitHub - kstenerud/go-concise-encoding: Golang implementation of Concise Binary and Text Encoding

馃寧 GitHub - kstenerud/enctool: A tool for manipulating data in various encoding formats.

馃寧 Amazon Ion

馃寧 GitHub - kstenerud/enctool: A tool for manipulating data in various encoding formats.

馃寧 GitHub - pion/webrtc: Pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API

馃寧 GitHub - pion/awesome-pion: A curated list of awesome things related to Pion

馃寧 GitHub - giongto35/cloud-game: Web-based Cloud Gaming service for Retro Game

馃寧 GitHub - pion/dtls: DTLS 1.2 Server/Client implementation for Go

馃寧 GitHub - Sean-Der/Therac: A Simple PHP Pair Debugger

馃寧 GitHub - Sean-Der/fail2web: a fail2ban GUI powered by fail2rest

馃寧 GitHub - fieldryand/goflow: Web UI-based workflow orchestrator inspired by Apache Airflow

馃寧 Container Tabs Sidebar 鈥 Get this Extension for 馃 Firefox (en-US)

馃寧 GitHub - makeworld-the-better-one/dither: A fast, correct image dithering library in Go.

馃寧 GitHub - makeworld-the-better-one/didder: An extensive, fast, and accurate command-line image dithering tool.

馃寧 Reviewable - GitHub Code Reviews Done Right

馃寧 Phacility - Phabricator

馃寧 GitHub - warmuuh/milkman: An Extensible Request/Response Workbench

馃寧 AudioMass - Audio Editor

馃寧 microapis.io

馃寧 GitHub - stoplightio/prism: Turn any OpenAPI2/3 and Postman Collection file into an API server with mocking, transformations and validations.

馃寧 GitHub - dukeofharen/httplaceholder: A very flexible cross platform HTTP stub application.

馃寧 Storybook

馃寧 GitHub - DarwinAwardWinner/ido-completing-read-plus: Fancy completion all over Emacs, not just for buffers and files.

馃寧 GitHub - DarwinAwardWinner/with-simulated-input: Test your interactive elisp functions non-interactively!

馃寧 Tracking the Books I've Read Using Svelte, XState and Quagga - Nikhil's blog

馃寧 GitHub - tbillington/kondo: Save disk space by cleaning non-essential files from software projects.

馃寧 GeneWarrior - DNA and Protein Sequence Manipulation Tools and Primer Design

馃寧 GitHub - porsager/postgres: Postgres.js - The Fastest full featured PostgreSQL client for Node.js

馃寧 software that sucks less | suckless.org software that sucks less

馃寧 Esyvite - Easy invites, create events that people attend

馃寧 GitHub - TylerBrock/saw: Fast, multi-purpose tool for AWS CloudWatch Logs

馃寧 Chronologic Versioning 鈭 v2019.05.19

馃寧 Stavros Korokithakis / Harbormaster 路 GitLab

馃寧 GitHub - quitesimpleorg/adhocify: Tool which monitors for file system events using inotify. It then launches a script once an event occurs.

馃寧 GitHub - quitesimpleorg/exile.h: Header-only library for simple process self-isolation

馃寧 crtxcr/raou: Lightweight sudo-like program for Linux written in Rust - raou - quitesimple

馃寧 GitHub - quitesimpleorg/qsni: launches and assigns programs to cgroup-specific iptables-rules

馃寧 GitHub - quitesimpleorg/qsni: launches and assigns programs to cgroup-specific iptables-rules

馃寧 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/offbynull/learn/master/Bioinformatics/input/input.md

馃寧 Bioinformatics Algorithms

馃寧 GitHub - intel/hyperscan: High-performance regular expression matching library

馃寧 GitHub - simdjson/simdjson: Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second

馃寧 GitHub - Link-/gh-token: Create an installation access token for a GitHub app from your terminal 馃捇

馃寧 For a Good Strftime | Easy Skeezy Ruby Date/Time Formatting

馃寧 GitHub - rcarmo/pngcanvas: A minimalist library to render PNG images using pure Python

馃寧 GitHub - rcarmo/imapbackup: A Python script for incremental backups of IMAP mailboxes

馃寧 GitHub - rcarmo/rss2imap: An adaptation of rss2mail that uses IMAP directly

馃寧 GitHub - piku/piku: The tiniest PaaS you've ever seen. Piku allows you to do git push deployments to your own servers.

馃寧 GitHub - rcarmo/sushy: A wiki/blogging engine with a static file back-end

馃寧 GitHub - mro/ShaarliGo: 鈾婏笍 Mirror of http://purl.mro.name/ShaarliGo | 馃尯 self-hosted static microblogging inspired by http://sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=php:shaarli. Destilled down to the bare minimum, with easy hosting and security in mind. No PHP, no DB, no server-side templating, JS optional.

馃寧 Stop It! Create audio bookmarks on Android | AugmentedMind.de

馃寧 rakshazi / ProxyAV 路 GitLab

馃寧 Matrix homeservers setup & maintenance

馃寧 GitHub - photostructure/exiftool-vendored.js: Fast, cross-platform Node.js access to ExifTool

馃寧 GitHub - photostructure/batch-cluster.js: Parallelized and efficient Node.js support for batch-mode child processes

馃寧 PhotoStructure | Uncertain, lazy, forgetful, & impatient: It芒聙聶s what you want your code to be.

馃寧 GitHub - karoliskoncevicius/matrixTests: R package for computing multiple hypothesis tests on rows/columns of a matrix or a data.frame

馃寧 GitHub - karoliskoncevicius/annmatrix: annotated matrix object for R

馃寧 GitHub - karoliskoncevicius/basetheme: Themes for base plotting system in R

馃寧 GitHub - karoliskoncevicius/vim-sendtowindow: Small vim plugin implementing a send-to-window operator.

馃寧 ZeroBrane Studio - Lua IDE/editor/debugger for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

馃寧 GitHub - pkulchenko/MobDebug: Remote debugger for Lua.

馃寧 GitHub - pkulchenko/serpent: Lua serializer and pretty printer.

馃寧 GitHub - pkulchenko/wxlua: wxlua: Lua bindings for wxWidgets cross-patform GUI toolkit; supports Lua 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, LuaJIT and wxWidgets 3.x

馃寧 GitHub - jhspetersson/fselect: Find files with SQL-like queries

馃寧 Quepid - Solr and Elasticsearch Relevancy Tuning, Made Easy

馃寧 http://splainer.io

馃寧 GitHub - ALSchwalm/transient: A wrapper for QEMU allowing the creation of virtual machines with shared folder, ssh, and disk creation support.

馃寧 GitHub - tinspin/rupy: HTTP App. Server and JSON DB - Atomic Parallel & Distributed

馃寧 fuse.rupy.se

馃寧 GitHub - queer/singyeong: 鞁犼步 - Cloud-native messaging/pubsub with powerful routing

馃寧 GitHub - queer/crush: A time-traveling distributed key-value store

馃寧 GitHub - queer/autumn: Experimental Netty-based Java 16 application/web framework

馃寧 GitHub - queer/mahou: 榄旀硶 - Mah艒 is a highly-opinionated yet quite magical research project into microservice-oriented application infrastructure.

馃寧 GitHub - BenMcH/remix-rss

馃寧 GitHub - ludocode/pottery: Pottery - A container and algorithm template library in C

馃寧 GitHub - glouw/ctl: The C Template Library

馃寧 GitHub - maxhumber/gazpacho: 馃カ The simple, fast, and modern web scraping library

馃寧 GitHub - haxzie/snipp.in: Fast, Light-weight, Notes, Snippet manager and code editor directly inside your browser

馃寧 GitHub - riquito/tuc: When cut doesn't cut it

馃寧 GitHub - abhinavs/blockr: Command line tool to block websites that distract you and activate focus mode.

馃寧 Smocker

馃寧 GitHub - ivanmaeder/finder-touch: Create a new empty file in the current Finder folder

馃寧 https://redchamp.net/blog/email-me

馃寧 GitHub - ivanmaeder/vimv: Rename a list of files using a text editor

馃寧 GitHub - dmotz/trystero: 馃摨 Serverless WebRTC matchmaking for painless P2P 鈥 Make any site multiplayer in a few lines 鈥 Use BitTorrent, IPFS, or Firebase

馃寧 Trystero - serverless WebRTC matchmaking

馃寧 panpipe: Pandoc filter to execute code blocks

馃寧 panhandle: Pandoc filter to unwrap nested blocks

馃寧 Active Code

馃寧 GitHub - maxhumber/Carlo: 馃幇 Monte Carlo Tree Search for Swift

馃寧 GitHub - emlearn/emlearn: Machine Learning inference engine for Microcontrollers and Embedded devices

馃寧 README.md in dezip-1.1.zip/dezip - dezip.org

馃寧 GitHub - airbnb/HorizonCalendar: A declarative, performant, iOS calendar UI component that supports use cases ranging from simple date pickers all the way up to fully-featured calendar apps.

馃寧 GitHub - appium/node-teen_process: A slightly more grown-up version of Node's child_process

馃寧 GitHub - eweitz/ideogram: Chromosome visualization for the web

馃寧 Overview | Ideogram

馃寧 GitHub - cjjeakle/rebalance-calc: A Portfolio Rebalancing and Tax Optimization Calculator

馃寧 http://thi.ng/hdom

馃寧 CloseTab

馃寧 joelewis (Joe B. Lewis) 路 GitHub

馃寧 http://chriswarbo.net/git/chrome-duplicate-tab-detector

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/aerialbot: A simple yet highly configurable bot that tweets geotagged aerial imagery of a random location in the world.

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/UnicodeMathML: JavaScript-based translation of UnicodeMath to MathML that can be integrated into arbitrary HTML or Markdeep documents. An interactive "playground" allows for experimentation with the syntax and insight into the translation pipeline.

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/markdeep-slides: Build presentation slides with Markdeep and present them right in your browser.

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/markdeep-thesis: Write your (under)graduate thesis with Markdeep and typeset it right in your browser.

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/markdeep-diagram-drafting-board: Draft Markdeep diagrams with a live-updating preview overlaid onto your source code.

馃寧 jlelse/GoBlog: Simple blogging system written in Go - GoBlog - git.jlel.se

馃寧 https://mro.name/o/2021-03-30-142424-prototypefund10-068.pdf

馃寧 GitHub - backtrace-labs/umash: UMASH: a fast enough hash and fingerprint with collision bounds

馃寧 GitHub - backtrace-labs/poireau: Poireau: a sampling allocation debugger

馃寧 GitHub - pkhuong/csm: Safely-rounded Confidence Sequence Method

馃寧 GitHub - pkhuong/reciprocal: Faster division by constants that aren't known at compile-time

馃寧 Robert May / chunky_cache 路 GitLab

馃寧 pokemon-showdown/DASHYCODE.md at master 路 smogon/pokemon-showdown 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - nestordemeure/pandas2numpy: Dataframe to tensor converter for deep learning.

馃寧 GitHub - jahed/night-patrol: Interactive Test Tunner for Nightwatch. Run individual tests, re-run failures, switch environments, autocompletion, and more.

馃寧 GitHub - jahed/firebase-rules: A type-safe Firebase Real-time Database Security Rules builder. Compose and re-use common rules. Reference constants used throughout the project. Catch any errors and typos. Auto-completion.

馃寧 GitHub - jahed/promises: Composable Functions for Promises

馃寧 GitHub - darrenburns/ward: Ward is a modern test framework for Python with a focus on productivity and readability.

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/jsonnetenc: Jsonnet writer for Go

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/multidoc_yamldiff: diffs yaml files consisting of multiple documents (separated by —)

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/runck: A curl wrapper that can verify a checksum and also run a binary

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/generated-secrets: simple controller for kubernetes that generates Secret resources based off declarative blueprints

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/knot8: define and manipulate "knobs" in K8s manifests

馃寧 GitHub - mkmik/ocipfs: Stateless synthetic oci registry that serves single layers from IPFS

馃寧 Axomark - anonymous social bookmarks

馃寧 GitHub - Isaaafc/mssql-wrapper: Write and execute MSSQL with simple C# syntax

馃寧 GitHub - jtgans/g13gui: A user-space driver and GUI configurator for the Logitech G13

馃寧 GitHub - drodil/envssh: Environment (friendly) SSH client

馃寧 GitHub - kamyar/til: 鉁 Keep track of things you learn each day 馃挕

馃寧 GitHub - milesmcc/shynet: Modern, privacy-friendly, and detailed web analytics that works without cookies or JS.

馃寧 GitHub - milesmcc/a17t: An atomic design toolkit for pragmatists

馃寧 GitHub - PeterHickman/Nginx-Log-Tools: Tools for extracting useful information from Nginx logs

馃寧 GitHub - PeterHickman/chop: Extracting the useful things I need from log files

馃寧 GitHub - PeterHickman/Raid: A little experiment for create a Rake like tool

馃寧 GitHub - PeterHickman/Measure-Rails-SELECT-Performance: Extract the SELECT statements from the Rails development log and summaries by types of query

馃寧 GitHub - armstnp/validryad: Tinkering with a different Ruby data validation tool, built to lean on dry-rb.

馃寧 GitHub - churichard/notabase: A personal knowledge base for networked thinking.

馃寧 Hugo Daniel

馃寧 GitHub - vaulty-co/vaulty: Tokenize, encrypt/decrypt, mask your data on the fly with Vaulty proxy

馃寧 Payment processing devoted to delighting users | Moov

馃寧 GitHub - apuchitnis/open-mic-nights: London Comedy Standup Map - find free and paid comedy nights to perform at in London 馃帣

馃寧 GitHub - MrPowers/spark-daria: Essential Spark extensions and helper methods 鉁煒

馃寧 GitHub - MrPowers/quinn: pyspark methods to enhance developer productivity 馃摚 馃懐 馃帀

馃寧 GitHub - MrPowers/chispa: PySpark test helper methods with beautiful error messages

馃寧 GitHub - MrPowers/bebe: Filling in the Spark function gaps across APIs

馃寧 GitHub - MrPowers/spark-sbt.g8: A giter8 template for Spark SBT projects

馃寧 GitHub - amaizfinance/redis-operator: Redis Operator for Kubernetes

馃寧 GitHub - pantchox/Twitark: Archive the Twitter sample firehose and daily trends

馃寧 GitHub - pantchox/joebear: Joebear is a cute small serial queue job manager

馃寧 GitHub - Nischay-Pro/wifi-heat-mapper: whm also known as wifi-heat-mapper is a Python library for benchmarking Wi-Fi networks and gather useful metrics that can be converted into meaningful easy-to-understand heatmaps.

馃寧 GitHub - jantman/python-wifi-survey-heatmap: A Python application for Linux machines to perform WiFi site surveys and present the results as a heatmap overlayed on a floorplan

馃寧 GitHub - pgsandstrom/package-json-upgrade

馃寧 GitHub - jbaldwin/liblifthttp: Safe and easy to use C++17 HTTP client library.

馃寧 GitHub - jbaldwin/libcoro: C++20 coroutine library

馃寧 GitHub - lou1306/absentee: A C-to-C transformation tool

馃寧 GitHub - spywhere/Legacy-ParticlePlay: A legacy work on cross-platform game engine

馃寧 Accelerator Keys for Mac Excel

馃寧 Plugins.run | Home

馃寧 https://backtest.curvo.eu

馃寧 Portfolio Visualizer

馃寧 GitHub - simmsb/container-per-ip: Some thing so you can spin up a container per client ip

馃寧 GitHub - karlicoss/promnesia: Another piece of your extended mind

馃寧 GitHub - karlicoss/cachew: Transparent and persistent cache/serialization powered by type hints

馃寧 GitHub - karlicoss/dron: What if cron and systemd had a baby?

馃寧 In search of a better job scheduler | beepb00p

馃寧 GitHub - ted-piotrowski/react-leaflet-canvas-overlay: React Leaflet component similar to ImageOverlay and VideoOverlay

馃寧 GitHub - ted-piotrowski/puppeteer-camera: Dockerized API for recording websites

馃寧 GitHub - arkokoley/pdfvuer: A PDF viewer for Vue using Mozilla's PDF.js that supports both Vue2 and Vue3

馃寧 GitHub - arkokoley/actively: Actively track user engagement and know when they move away from your page.

馃寧 GitHub - arkokoley/modis_county_cropper: Download and extract USA County specific data from NASA MODIS Remote Sensing Dataset

馃寧 GitHub - arkokoley/latex-homework-boilerplate: A simple LaTeX paper boilerplate for academic homework.

馃寧 GitHub - writteli/writteli: Your next favorite static site generator

馃寧 compactem: build accurate small models! 鈥 compactem 0.9.5 documentation

馃寧 Welcome to Commandeer鈥檚 documentation! 鈥 Commandeer 0.3.0 documentation

馃寧 SimpleWebAuthn

馃寧 GitHub - sudowing/service-engine: Generalized service engine that auto provisions REST, GraphQL & gRPC services that support CRUD operations with full validation to tables, views and materialized views of several popular databases.

馃寧 Nodewood - Node.js & Vue.js SaaS Boilerplate & Starter Kit

馃寧 kPow for Apache Kafka庐 | Monitor. Manage. Learn.

馃寧 GitHub - wolf81/DungeonBuilder: A 2-dimensional dungeon builder for a RPG

馃寧 GitHub - wolf81/Harptos: A small library for handling AD&D dates & times with regards to the Calendar of Harptos

馃寧 donjon; RPG Tools

馃寧 UXWizz - Self-Hosted Web Analytics

馃寧 GitHub - Cristy94/markdown-blog: Simple PHP blog that renders markdown posts. No installation or database needed.

馃寧 GitHub - Cristy94/dynamic-listener: Plain JavaScript event listeners for dynamically created DOM elements

馃寧 Pushever - Test push notification easily

馃寧 PDF Page Numberer

馃寧 SimplePing 馃彄 - Mac Menu Bar app

馃寧 GitHub - erdo/android-fore: android fore - thinner view layers (and rotation for free)

馃寧 GitHub - agentultra/postgresql-replicant: A streaming PostgreSQL logical replication client library for Haskell

馃寧 GitHub - agentultra/DataVersion

馃寧 GitHub - riccardomurri/j2pp: A command-line preprocessor using Jinja2 template syntax.

馃寧 Welcome to elasticluster芒聙聶s documentation! 鈥 ElastiCluster 1.3.dev28 documentation

馃寧 GitHub - nayuki/QR-Code-generator: High-quality QR Code generator library in Java, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Rust, C++, C.

馃寧 GitHub - golergka/pg-tx: Transactions for node-postgres

馃寧 GitHub - golergka/hn-comment-bot: Telegram notifier for replies on Hacker News.

馃寧 GitHub - mattgreen/lucid.fish: Minimalist, high-performance fish prompt

馃寧 GitHub - mattgreen/fogeybot: A Discord bot for Heroes of the Storm

馃寧 David Nicholas Williams

馃寧 GitHub - emvi/logbuch: Simple Go logging library with support for different output channels (io.Writer) for each log level.

馃寧 GitHub - emvi/null: Nullable Go types that can be marshalled/unmarshalled to/from JSON.

馃寧 GitHub - pirsch-analytics/pirsch: Pirsch is a drop-in, server-side, no-cookie, and privacy-focused analytics solution for Go.

馃寧 A Go package for building Progressive Web Apps

馃寧 GitHub - ianozsvald/ipython_memory_usage: IPython tool to report memory usage deltas for every command you type

馃寧 GitHub - cannam/repoint: A manager for checkouts of third-party source code dependencies.

馃寧 GitHub - nathants/agr: ag + sed

馃寧 GitHub - nathants/tinysnitch: an interactive firewall for inbound and outbound connections

馃寧 GitHub - nathants/cli-aws: composable, succinct aws scripts

馃寧 GitHub - nathants/bsv: maximum performance data processing

馃寧 GitHub - nathants/s4: super simple storage service + data local compute + shuffle

馃寧 GitHub - statelyai/xstate: State machines and statecharts for the modern web.

馃寧 GitHub - uktrade/s3chunkuploader: A multi threaded S3 file chunk uploader which bypasses local file system and pipes the file directly to S3

馃寧 GitHub - harel/metatron: A Python 3.x HTML Meta tag parser, with emphasis on OpenGraph and complex meta tag schemes

馃寧 GitHub - harel/strudelpy: Easy going emails with Python for easy going people, who email

馃寧 GitHub - bestouff/genext2fs: genext2fs - ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems

馃寧 GitHub - parkerhoyes/stat-archiver: File attribute archiver utility

馃寧 GitHub - nidhaloff/deep-translator: A flexible free and unlimited python tool to translate between different languages in a simple way using multiple translators.

馃寧 GitHub - nidhaloff/Translator-pp: A cross platform all in one translator app

馃寧 GitHub - nidhaloff/igel: a delightful machine learning tool that allows you to train, test, and use models without writing code

馃寧 GitHub - sboehler/knut: knut is an efficient plain text accounting tool with support for multiple currencies and valuation.

馃寧 GitHub - cookiengineer/lycheejs: Next-Gen AI-Assisted Isomorphic Application Engine for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Server and Desktop

馃寧 Tholian Network - The Web of Knowledge

馃寧 Sorting Algorithms Visualised - Se谩n Barry

馃寧 GitHub - deathwebo/tinydiamond-timer

馃寧 GitHub - geuis/helium-css: Helium - javascript tool to scan your site and show unused CSS

馃寧 GitHub - GreatAttractor/imppg: ImPPG (Image Post-Processor)

馃寧 GitHub - jlevers/selling-partner-api: A PHP client library for Amazon's Selling Partner API

馃寧 GitHub - drmohundro/SWXMLHash: Simple XML parsing in Swift

馃寧 GitHub - SonyMobile/py-hprof: Analyse and explore .hprof heap dumps.

馃寧 GRIT - The Chromium Projects

馃寧 GitHub - imwally/battstat: 馃攱 CLI battery status indicator for macOS, Linux, and OpenBSD 鈿

馃寧 GitHub - imwally/untweet: Destroy tweets and likes.

馃寧 GitHub - imwally/linkview: Terminal HTML link menu.

馃寧 GitHub - imwally/pin: Simple command line pinboard client.

馃寧 Pyotr Documentation

馃寧 GitHub - MH15/neanderthal: A static hypertext generator for your blog or website.

馃寧 GitHub - brendoncarroll/go-p2p: Message-Based P2P Networking Library

馃寧 SOQL Parser JS

馃寧 Deck for Reddit

馃寧 GitHub - vlad17/slb: A unix-friendly map-reduce parallelization alternative

馃寧 GitHub - vlad17/svm2csr: fast Rust-based SVMlight parser

馃寧 GitHub - vlad17/fdd: Bikeshed's gone don't even think about it / Yes, as I'm going to my work, I see… fast failures!

馃寧 GitHub - serilog-contrib/SerilogSinksInMemory: In-memory sink for Serilog to use for testing

馃寧 GitHub - sandermvanvliet/TestableHttpClient: Test helpers for unit testing HttpClient

馃寧 GitHub - hoshsadiq/big-fat-converter: A generic file data format converter

馃寧 CyberChef

馃寧 GitHub - inaka/worker_pool: Erlang worker pool

馃寧 GitHub - inaka/elvis_core: The core of an Erlang linter

馃寧 GitHub - AdRoll/rebar3_format: Erlang Formatter for Rebar3

馃寧 GitHub - AdRoll/rebar3_hank: The Erlang Dead Code Cleaner

馃寧 GitHub - RonitRay/ecstatic: Very basic static site generator written in Python.

馃寧 GitHub - Pulselyre/UpbeatUI: A lightweight MVVM framework for touch based Windows applications on top of the WPF framework.

馃寧 GitHub - winrid/mongodb-docs-download: Export MongoDB's Docs to Read Offline (HTML, PDF, Kindle)

馃寧 Pyranid

馃寧 Lokalized

馃寧 GitHub - axegon/SkLite-dart: Transpile scikit-learn models to Flutter

馃寧 GitHub - axegon/spectrust: Spectrust - blazing fast spectrogram generator for Python in Rust.

馃寧 GitHub - Rorigami/rorigami: Rorigami - Static pages made simple(and self-contained).

馃寧 GitHub - ldd/react-tech-tree: React visual tree components. Demo: https://ldd.github.io/react-tech-tree/

馃寧 GitHub - ldd/vscode-jq: jq LiveView Extension for VS Code

馃寧 GitHub - Continvvm/continuum: A clean and simple data loading library for Continual Learning

馃寧 gauntletwizard.net / kubetls 路 GitLab

馃寧 GitHub - florinmuscalu/FM_Score: An Android Java library for rendering music notation, as well as for listening to it.

馃寧 GitHub - JaDogg/expressPython: 馃殑馃悕 expressPython - A small Python editor for learning and competitive programming.

馃寧 GitHub - JaDogg/sbx: 馃摎馃摝 StudyBox (SBX) - Terminal Flashcards & Library

馃寧 GitHub - JaDogg/pydoro: 馃崊 pydoro - Terminal Pomodoro Timer

馃寧 CodeApprove

馃寧 GitHub - NewChromantics/PopH264: Low-level, minimal H264 decoder & encoder library with wide cross platform support. Doesn't try to be clever. CAPI

馃寧 GitHub - ericwooley/graphql-code-generator-react-form: Graphql Code Form Generator

馃寧 GitHub - dbasch/BIP38: A Java implementation of the BIP-0038 draft for encryption of Bitcoin keys

馃寧 GitHub - dbasch/dogecoin-paper-wallet: Generate a Dogecoin paper wallet offline as a png file, no need for a browser.

馃寧 GitHub - dbasch/bitcoin-paper-wallet: Generate a Bitcoin paper wallet offline as a png file, no need for a browser.

馃寧 defaultdict package - go.yhsif.com/defaultdict - pkg.go.dev

馃寧 rowlock package - go.yhsif.com/rowlock - pkg.go.dev

馃寧 GitHub - kevin-hanselman/dud: A lightweight CLI tool for versioning data alongside source code and building data pipelines.

馃寧 GitHub - san-kumar/lambdapuppets: Deploy your Puppeteer scripts to AWS lambda and run them using a URL or CRON job.

馃寧 GitHub - jodavaho/kda-tools: Allows you to do regression on game journals to determine effective loadouts.

馃寧 GitHub - jodavaho/poisson-rate-test: Rust repo that provides a robust poisson-rate hypothesis test, returning p -values for the probability that two observed poisson data sets are different.

馃寧 GitHub - jodavaho/kvc: Key-Value-Count CLI tools

馃寧 鈥嶴creenHint on the App聽Store

馃寧 Better, more collaborative decisions

馃寧 GitHub - powerworld/TDSToPDB: Tool to generate a PDB from TDS information embedded within an executable

馃寧 GitHub - aybabtme/humanlog: Logs for humans to read.

馃寧 GitHub - aybabtme/datagen: Generate datastructures for your types.

馃寧 GitHub - gospotcheck/protofact

馃寧 GitHub - SawyerHood/auger-state: Delightful and hook-first global state management for React that lets components drill down and subscribe to only the parts of the state that they need.

馃寧 Creepyface

馃寧 Aper

馃寧 Service Suspended

馃寧 GitHub - mikeevmm/sane: make, but sane.

馃寧 GitHub - pterodactyl/panel: Pterodactyl庐 is a free, open-source game server management panel built with PHP, React, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to end users.

馃寧 GitHub - Batterii/fixture-riveter: A fixtures generation library for Typescript

馃寧 GitHub - lindell/multi-gitter: CLI to update multiple repositories in bulk

馃寧 GitHub - CarrotCodes/Daisy: A coroutine based message processing library, for Kotlin backend services 馃尲

馃寧 GitHub - astashov/yatro: Yet Another Typesafe Router

馃寧 Failure is your Domain | Middlemost Systems

馃寧 GitHub - Vanclief/ez: Minimalistic package for handling Go errors in an easy way

馃寧 DocsToSite

馃寧 GitHub - Tajnymag/spayd-js: An implementation of Short-Payment-Descriptor library in JavaScript/TypeScipt. Primarily used for generating QR-Payments.

馃寧 GitHub - wgryc/video-input-js: video-input field to make video recording easy via client-side JS

馃寧 GitHub - theankurkedia/openpad: An open notepad.

馃寧 Create mock APIs in seconds with Mockoon

馃寧 GitHub - leifg/formulon: Salesforce Formula Parser implemented in ES2017. Live demo at

馃寧 Formulon

馃寧 JSON Blob | create, edit, view, format, and share JSON

馃寧 GitHub - chinmayshah99/r_freeze: Pipreqs for R

馃寧 GitHub - garageScript/myProxy: MyProxy is an application that proxies requests to other servers

馃寧 GitHub - DanielMazurkiewicz/hussar: Framework for those who would like to stick to JS only (no HTML nor CSS) and produce relatively fast and fairly small sized web apps

馃寧 GitHub - bebump/bbmp_interop: Python extension module generator for pybind11

馃寧 GitHub - LeapingGorillaLTD/Testing: Leaping Gorilla's testing framework for BDD style Given/When/Then without the ceremony

馃寧 GitHub - sgrodriguez/ddt: Golang Dynamic Decision Tree

馃寧 GitHub - mwarkentin/django-watchman: django-watchman exposes a status endpoint for your backing services like databases, caches, etc.

馃寧 OnlineOrNot - Free Website and API Monitoring | OnlineOrNot

馃寧 Skip Google Redirects 鈥 Get this Extension for 馃 Firefox (en-US)

馃寧 GitHub - airbnb/Showkase: 馃敠 Showkase is an annotation-processor based Android library that helps you organize, discover, search and visualize Jetpack Compose UI elements

馃寧 GitHub - manuelkiessling/simplecd: Simple Continuous Delivery system running in your bash shell

馃寧 Task

馃寧 GitHub - go-testfixtures/testfixtures: Ruby on Rails like test fixtures for Go. Write tests against a real database

馃寧 GitHub - sbacic/frontend-template

馃寧 GitHub - adur1990/Pass-for-macOS: macOS wrapper for pass, the standard UNIX password manager

馃寧 GitHub - krtkush/LinearTimer: A custom view for circular progress animation on Android.

馃寧 GitHub - weichsel/ZIPFoundation: Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift

馃寧 GitHub - silb/jsrlib: A tool for querying and downloading JSR specifications

馃寧 GitHub - anirudhvarma12/rabbit-hole-webext: A Browser Extension to trace your Wikipedia Journeys

馃寧 GitHub - myshkin5/moqueries: Lock-free interface and function mocks for Go

馃寧 GitHub - paulbares/spring-testcontainer: spring-testcontainer provides integration between the Spring (Data JPA) testing framework and Testcontainer library

馃寧 GitHub - cnizzardini/cakephp-swagger-bake: Automatically generate OpenAPI, Swagger, and Redoc documentation from your existing CakePHP code.

馃寧 GitHub - hirako2000/gisteam: 鈿★笍 Fast server side rendering code beautifier, minifier, pastebin, encoder/decoder and hash generator 鈿★笍

馃寧 GitHub - kadnan/Fehrist: Document Indexing and Searching Library in Go

馃寧 GitHub - kadnan/GoCache: A simplest Cache Server based on LRU implementation written in Go

馃寧 GitHub - mudulo/subject-extractor

馃寧 GitHub - richardstephens/rules_jooq_flyway_codegen: Bazel rule for generating jOOQ classes from a set of Flyway migrations as part of a Bazel build

馃寧 鈥嶩ashtag Editor on the App聽Store

馃寧 GitHub - cagataygurturk/global-load-test: A CLI tool that leverages AWS Route53 Health Checks to globally test HTTP(S) endpoints up to 300 RPS

馃寧 GitHub - krychu/wfc: Wave Function Collapse library in C, plus command-line tool

馃寧 InsighTrend

馃寧 Ideas Filter

馃寧 GitHub - strateos/react-map-interaction: Add map like zooming and dragging to any element

馃寧 GitHub - jareklupinski/watchdog-email: A Watchdog timer that can be set using HTTP GET requests and sends alerts via SendGrid, implemented for easy Heroku deployment.

馃寧 https://crates.io/crates/assertables

馃寧 GitHub - cohan/imgy: Image hosting website

馃寧 GitHub - RhysU/gplot: Use gnuplot to plot one or more files directly from the command line.

馃寧 GitHub - RhysU/c99sh: A shebang-friendly script for "interpreting" single C99, C11, and C++ files, including rcfile support.

馃寧 GitHub - strzibny/invoice_printer: Super simple PDF invoicing

馃寧 GitHub - njhofmann/arXivist: Command line interface for managing papers from arXiv on a local machine.

馃寧 GitHub - FedeDP/libmodule: C simple and elegant implementation of an actor library

馃寧 Docutemplate - Simply generates documents from Google Docs templates

馃寧 GitHub - creditdatamw/zefaker: zefaker is a command-line tool for generating CSV, Excel, JSON and SQL files from a Groovy DSL

馃寧 GitHub - zikani03/groupby: Group files into directories by year, month or day created

馃寧 Elder.js: A Svelte Framework and Static Site Generator

馃寧 GitHub - Automunge/AutoMunge: Artificial Learning, Intelligent Machines

馃寧 GitHub - collab-qa/check-all-the-things: check all of the things!

馃寧 GitHub - Enhex/Deco: Delimiter Collision Free Format

馃寧 GitHub - Enhex/GUI: Flexible OpenGL GUI

馃寧 GitHub - baron816/fromable: A Swiss Army Knife for working with JavaScript iterables.

馃寧 GitHub - joy-framework/joy: A full stack web framework written in janet

馃寧 GitHub - jedberg/Postcodes: Find the distance between two North American post codes

馃寧 GitHub - harrison-broadbent/libgen-api: Library Genesis search library for Python

馃寧 GitHub - ivaaaan/smug: Session manager and task runner for tmux. Start your development environment within one command.

馃寧 GitHub - topshell-language/topshell: TopShell - a purely functional, reactive scripting language

馃寧 GitHub - james-ransom/mysql-to-google-bigquery: MySQL to Google BigQuery Sync Tool

馃寧 GitHub - skittleson/GcodeController: Manage and control sending gcode to serial devices

馃寧 plocate, a much faster locate

馃寧 GitHub - anubhavgupta/react-native-styleman: Responsive styling library for react native

馃寧 GitHub - nagypeterjob/ecr-scan-lambda: Lambdas which does ECR scan and sends results to slack

馃寧 GitHub - cgrs/mufasa: generate MFA access tokens for AWS CLI

馃寧 GitHub - dheera/rosshow: Visualize ROS topics inside a terminal with Unicode/ASCII art

馃寧 GitHub - igorkulman/iOSLocalizationEditor: Simple macOS editor app to help you manage iOS and macOS app localizations by allowing you to edit all the translations side by side

馃寧 GitHub - simonacca/dict2sql: dict2sql gives you the ability to express SQL as python data structures

馃寧 GitHub - Euromance/confboy: Better configs with TOML support

馃寧 GitHub - grdl/git-get: A better way to clone, organize and manage multiple git repositories

馃寧 GitHub - lingrino/vaku: Vaku extends the Vault API & CLI

馃寧 GitHub - city41/mate-i3-applet: i3 workspace applet for MATE (unsupported, see top of README)

馃寧 Responsive Pics - Automatic image resizing for Wordpress theme authors

馃寧 GitHub - the-nick-of-time/dndice: Code to interpret roll expressions in D&D syntax

馃寧 GitHub - zbendefy/machine.academy: Neural Network training library in C# with GPU acceleration

馃寧 GitHub - Const-me/SkyFM

馃寧 GitHub - simplelocalize/simplelocalize-cli: 馃實 Official CLI for SimpleLocalize. Upload & download translations, extract translation keys from various project types.

馃寧 GitHub - sgarciac/fuego: Fuego is a command line client for the firestore database (https://firebase.google.com/docs/firestore).

馃寧 GitHub - jcraigk/ruby_nano_rpc: RPC wrapper for Nano digital currency nodes written in Ruby

馃寧 GitHub - kmurph73/set-state-is-great: A global store, and good ol' fashion setState

馃寧 GitHub - simukti/sqldb-logger: A logger for Go SQL database driver without modifying existing *sql.DB stdlib usage.

馃寧 GitHub - mohitsinghs/njk: 馃帹 Render nunjucks templates with markdown and front-matter

馃寧 shortcut.so

馃寧 http://chriswarbo.net/git/json-to-msgpack

馃寧 http://chriswarbo.net/git/html-inliner

馃寧 Arduino JSON Client

馃寧 Converting Feeds (RSS/Atom/etc.) to Maildir

馃寧 PDF bibliography tools

馃寧 Minimal Google Analytics Snippet | Minimal Analytics

馃寧 https://runson.cloud

馃寧 GitHub - tabulapdf/tabula-java: Extract tables from PDF files

馃寧 Take notes on videos - Annotate.tv

馃寧 GitHub - Frankkkkk/pykorm: A python 馃悕 kubernetes 鈽革笍 ORM 馃殌. Very useful when writing operators for your CRDs with Kopf.

馃寧 GitHub - reZach/secure-electron-template: The best way to build Electron apps with security in mind.

馃寧 GitHub - jwilber/roughViz: Reusable JavaScript library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts in the browser.

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/sqs_clipboard: Use AWS SQS as a clipboard to copy and paste across different systems and platforms

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/gofwd: A cross-platform TCP port forwarder with Duo 2FA and Geo-IP integration

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/spotprice: Quickly get AWS spot instance pricing

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/ipinfo: Return IP address info including geographic location and distance when given IP address, email address, host name or URL

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/photo_id_resizer: Resize photo ID images using face recognition technology

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/tcpscan: A fast, simple, multi-threaded cross-platform IPv4 TCP port scanner

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/date_gap_finder: detect date gaps in a CSV file

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/nics: Display information about Network Interface Cards (NICs)

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/deidentify: Deidentify people's names along with pronoun substitution

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/quautomatrics: Command-line automation of Qualtrics鈩 surveys

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/timeit: A cross-platform CLI tool used to time the duration of the given command

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/dcmp: Compare files within two directory trees for equivalency

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/file-watcher: Monitors a given file location for create, change, rename and delete file events

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/compinfo: Display basic computer info

馃寧 GitHub - jftuga/less-Windows: GNU less compiled for Windows 10. Stand-alone version with no dependencies.

馃寧 GitHub - StoneCypher/jssm: Fast, easy Javascript finite state machines with visualizations; enjoy a one liner FSM instead of pages. MIT; Typescripted; 100% test coverage. Implements the FSL language.

馃寧 MrMan / kcup-rust 路 GitLab

馃寧 MrMan / async-wait-for-promise 路 GitLab

馃寧 MrMan / mailtrain-form-post-sidecar 路 GitLab

馃寧 MrMan / redis-bootleg-backup 路 GitLab

馃寧 Maille - mithril component library

馃寧 postmgr / postmgr 路 GitLab

馃寧 Home - maddy

馃寧 chasquid - chasquid

馃寧 Haraka - Haraka SMTP Email Server

馃寧 jQuery Terminal: JavaScript Web Based Terminal Emulator

馃寧 Leash - Access Linux Shell from a Browser

馃寧 GitHub - jcubic/sysend.js: Web application synchronization between different tabs

馃寧 GitHub - jcubic/tagger: Zero Dependency, Vanilla JavaScript Tag Editor

馃寧 GitHub - jcubic/lips: Scheme based powerful lisp interpreter written in JavaScript

馃寧 LIPS: Powerful Scheme based lisp interpreter in JavaScript

馃寧 GitHub - jcubic/favloader: Vanilla JavaScript library for loading animation in favicon (favicon loader)

馃寧 GitHub - jcubic/lily: Simple JavaScript options parser inspired by yargs

馃寧 Pink Pigeon Digital

馃寧 DataTables | Table plug-in for jQuery

馃寧 GitHub - schotime/NPoco: Simple microORM that maps the results of a query onto a POCO object. Project based on Schotime's branch of PetaPoco

馃寧 GitHub - DapperLib/Dapper: Dapper - a simple object mapper for .Net

馃寧 GitHub - CaperAi/pronto: Protobuf ORM

馃寧 GitHub - CaperAi/bazel_compose: Bazel wrapper for docker-compose

馃寧 GitHub - CaperAi/branchpoke: Nag developers to get rid of stale branches.

馃寧 GitHub - gravypod/NJITParking: An analysis of NJIT's horrible parking situation.

馃寧 GitHub - gravypod/ButcherSchool: Pass your HAM license exams with ease!

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/arping: ARP Ping

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/simple-tpm-pk11: Simple PKCS11 provider for TPM chips

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/tlssh: TLS Shell

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/cmdg: Command line Gmail client

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/rslurp: slurp down a whole HTTP directory, with parallel goodness

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/sim: Multi Party Authorization version of sudo/doas

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/monotonic_clock: Portable C library for getting monotonic time

馃寧 gettimeofday() should never be used to measure time

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/gtping: GTP Ping

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/ind: Indent output from subprocess

馃寧 GitHub - ThomasHabets/tlscheck: Quickly check TLS certificates of frontends and backends

馃寧 GitHub - google/huproxy

馃寧 keymaster/huproxy.md at master 路 Cloud-Foundations/keymaster 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - google/tcpauth

馃寧 Soquee|code

馃寧 Mellium

馃寧 GitHub - jacobmischka/wallpaper-adhesive: Sticks images together to create wallpapers with different images on each display.

馃寧 GitHub - jacobmischka/ics-merger: Package, cli tool, server, and webapp to merge calendars together.

馃寧 GitHub - jacobmischka/tea-whistle: A simple microcontroller project to make an annoying sound when water is boiling

馃寧 GitHub - jacobmischka/inmytime.zone: Be explicit about what time you're referring to with a quick link.

馃寧 Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click

馃寧 GitHub - jacobmischka/gym_notebook: Simple app to track your workouts in the gym

馃寧 GitHub - chakravala/Grassmann.jl: 鉄↙eibniz-Grassmann-Clifford鉄 differential geometric algebra / multivector simplicial complex