[Links] Ask HN: What automation tools have you used to replace mundane activities? | Hacker News

馃崐 HN Link

馃寧 GitHub - huginn/huginn: Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

馃寧 ScrapingBee - Web Scraping API

馃寧 How to set Goals - RescueTime

馃寧 Little Birdie - Post HN comments to Slack

馃寧 Gain Total Control of Your Money with YNAB

馃寧 GitHub - buzzlawless/ynab-live-import: Automatically import transactions to YNAB in real-time!

馃寧 Payment Services Directive - Wikipedia

馃寧 GitHub - microsoft/playwright: Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API.

馃寧 GitHub - microsoft/WinAppDriver: Windows Application Driver

馃寧 JavaScript End to End Testing Framework | cypress.io

馃寧 playwright/api.md at v0.11.1 路 microsoft/playwright 路 GitHub

馃寧 UI-licious: Flexible & Intuitive Automated Web Testing Tool

馃寧 GitHub - jschlatow/taskopen: Tool for taking notes and open urls with taskwarrior

馃寧 dotfiles/tempo at master 路 charlespwd/dotfiles 路 GitHub

馃寧 xkcd: Is It Worth the Time?

馃寧 Xidel - HTML/XML/JSON data extraction tool

馃寧 Why We Sleep - Wikipedia

馃寧 Circadian Lighting [Custom Component] - Custom Components - Home Assistant Community

馃寧 Louis Leblanc

馃寧 Selenium IDE 路 Open source record and playback test automation for the web

馃寧 GitHub - antchfx/htmlquery: htmlquery is golang XPath package for HTML query.

馃寧 Adam Savage鈥檚 First Order Of Retrievability Tool Boxes | Hackaday

馃寧 Lintalist - Text Expander, Snippet manager, supporting searchable interactive texts to copy & paste text, run scripts, using easily exchangeable bundles

馃寧 Pulover’s Macro Creator 鈥 The Complete Automation Tool

馃寧 GitHub - nickjj/invoice: Calculate a billable amount, hours and days logged for 1 or more projects.

馃寧 SMMRY - About

馃寧 GitHub - neopunisher/Open-Text-Summarizer: Automatic text summarization

馃寧 Debian – Package Search Results – libots

馃寧 Open Text Summarizer [splitbrain.org]

馃寧 Monitor Your Competitors With AWS Lambda and Python - DZone Cloud

馃寧 Defcon 21 - How my Botnet Purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars and Defeated the Russian Hackers - YouTube

馃寧 GitHub - haochi/personalcapital: Personal Capital library for accessing its API

馃寧 TyperTask 1.50 for Windows - Download

馃寧 ClipX

馃寧 Ditto clipboard manager

馃寧 No-code website monitoring and data integration | Monitoro

馃寧 Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

馃寧 AHK RegEx Tester v2.1 - Scripts and Functions - AutoHotkey Community

馃寧 GitHub - AutoHotkey/Ahk2Exe: Official AutoHotkey script compiler - written itself in AutoHotkey

馃寧 GitHub - nikoksr/proji: A powerful cross-platform CLI project templating tool.

馃寧 Copy new Google Calendar events to another Google Calendar

馃寧 Update all available package ecosystems 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - sufyanadam/pivotoolz: A collection of small programs to automate your workflow with Pivotal Tracker (also supports Jira)

馃寧 GitHub - RMPR/atbswp: A minimalist macro recorder

馃寧 GitHub - functioncall/neat: Neat is a command line utility for cleaning directories

馃寧 Sync My Calendars

馃寧 Connect APIs, Remarkably Fast - Pipedream