[Links] Ask HN: What did you make during lockdown?

馃崐 HN Link

馃寧 James Stanley - Autopatzer: my automatic chess board

馃寧 Monoprice Silence Mini: TMC2208 stepper drivers + Noctua fans : MPSelectMiniOwners

馃寧 autopatzer/Router.pm at master 路 jes/autopatzer 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - ankidroid/Anki-Android: AnkiDroid: Anki flashcards on Android. Your secret trick to achieve superhuman information retention.

馃寧 anki/rslib at main 路 ankitects/anki 路 GitHub

馃寧 A Daydreaming AI for my Desk | hmac.io blog

馃寧 Writing New Image Hashing Algorithms to Help a Yearbook Teacher | hmac.io blog

馃寧 GitHub - poundifdef/gmail-deleter: Tool for deleting email threads en masse

馃寧 Plain Old Recipe

馃寧 How I built a Real-time Games Platform for Social Distancing, in a Month | by Pieter van Heerden | codeburst

馃寧 This WOD Does Not Exist

馃寧 GitHub - jtothebell/fake-08: A Pico-8 player/emulator for console homebrew

馃寧 PICO-8 Fantasy Console

馃寧 NoteBrook 鈥 Daily Notes. Accessible Anywhere.

馃寧 Wordoid! A fast paced word game. by seanwilson

馃寧 Artbuffer

馃寧 GitHub - gioblu/PJON: PJON (Padded Jittering Operative Network) is an experimental, arduino-compatible, multi-master, multi-media network protocol.

馃寧 GitHub - jakehilborn/debbit: Automate spending requirements for high interest checking accounts / credit cards

馃寧 Claquette - An easy-to-use video utility for the Mac

馃寧 MailExists Email Verification API

馃寧 GitHub - anderspitman/stealthcheck: 0-dependency service health checks/restarts/email alerts in 150 lines of Go

馃寧 GitHub - anderspitman/quarantest: Isolated human-testable frontend builds for every pull request

馃寧 GitHub - bokwoon95/go-structured-query: Type safe SQL query builder and struct mapper for Go

馃寧 jOOQ as a SQL builder with code generation

馃寧 Ninja, a small build system with a focus on speed

馃寧 Build systems a la carte: theory and practice - Microsoft Research

馃寧 Using type-classes to model the expressivity of build systems - Nikhil's blog

馃寧 GitHub - geophile/marcel: A modern shell

馃寧 GitHub - msipos/mind-palace: Mind palace: mnemonic note taking system.

馃寧 What2Cook | Save time while trying to figure out what to cook

馃寧 SlashMap | Office map plugin for Slack

馃寧 Timmy - the free online social Pomodoro timer app

馃寧 CampAlert: The Fastest Campsite Notification Service

馃寧 Practical Sign in With Apple guide book

馃寧 98.css - A design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs

馃寧 Mockintosh

馃寧 The Phel Language

馃寧 </> htmx - high power tools for html

馃寧 ///_hyperscript

馃寧 GitHub - doersino/aerialbot: A simple yet highly configurable bot that tweets geotagged aerial imagery of a random location in the world.

馃寧 Laptops in Space

馃寧 GitHub - tsiki/connectednotes: A note taking app based on Zettelkasten.

馃寧 Narration Box | Everything you need to engage your audience with voice and audio.

馃寧 Loving Common Lisp, or the鈥 by Mark Watson [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

馃寧 GitHub - quaintdev/pinotes: Self hosted notes for Raspberry Pi

馃寧 馃實CityFAQ 馃實 鉂わ笍Contributors 鉂わ笍 - Google Sheets

馃寧 trick.app

馃寧 GitHub - saeranv/pincam: Lightweight Pinhole Camera for visualizing 3D geometries with Matplotlib/GeoPandas

馃寧 https://chrisuehlinger.com/blog/2020/06/16/unshattering-the-audience-building-theatre-on-the-web-in-2020/

馃寧 Cadence Prints

馃寧 GitHub - schollz/heartbpm: Control the tempo of electronic instruments with your heart rate.

馃寧 Heartbeats in Your Project, Lickety-Split 鈾 鈥 World Famous Electronics llc.

馃寧 McPiper - macOS app to monitor GitLab CI/CD pipeline status | McPiper

馃寧 Go Budget - Spending + Bill Tracker

馃寧 Master Keyboard Shortcuts with KeyCombiner

馃寧 A Collection of all Keyboard Shortcuts I use 路 tkainrad

馃寧 GitHub - geerlingguy/turing-pi-cluster: Turing Pi cluster configuration for Raspberry Pi Compute Modules

馃寧 Home | How We Feel

馃寧 Cloud Data Management (4 Stages for Informed Companies)

馃寧 GitHub - goodlibs/goodlibs: Download books from a 馃摎 Goodreads shelf using 鉀 Library Genesis.

馃寧 SnapHabit

馃寧 GitHub - FoundryApp/foundry-cli: Foundry makes the development of Firebase Functions fast by giving you an out-of-the-box working cloud environment for your development with an access to your production data. It's a CLI tool that gives you a continuous REPL-like feedback about your Firebase Functions.

馃寧 Scrawl-canvas

馃寧 Audiobooks for Plex 芒聙聰 Bookcamp

馃寧 https://blog.ryjones.org/2020/05/17/MY16ADA

馃寧 https://blog.ryjones.org/2020/05/26/MY16ADA

馃寧 Game Lobby: Deck Chess v4

馃寧 Rapha毛l Jakse / trivabble 路 GitLab

馃寧 Smart Poi Overview - Circus Scientist

馃寧 Home | Taskeera

馃寧 Fruition - Build Your Next Website With Notion, For Free

馃寧 General | chartjs-chart-smith

馃寧 GitHub - etimberg/pycircuitbreaker: Python Implementation of the Circuit Breaker Pattern

馃寧 Growth Academy: Marketing & Business Growth Resources By Pallav.io

馃寧 Search | GitRelevant

馃寧 Codenesium

馃寧 Nebulate

馃寧 GitHub - LewkyB/Note_Creator: Program for saving multiple favorite directories and creating then opening files inside of favorite directories

馃寧 GitHub - ExpDev07/coronavirus-tracker-api: 馃 A simple and fast (< 200ms) API for tracking the global coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) outbreak. It's written in python using the 馃敟 FastAPI framework. Supports multiple sources!

馃寧 Parsing online corona virus data into a map with Processing - Circus Scientist

馃寧 Kluz

馃寧 Datapeek

馃寧 The Causality-Driven Company | georg.io

馃寧 Lizaaard

馃寧 Hackollapse 鈥 Get this Extension for 馃 Firefox (en-US)

馃寧 GitHub - built-by-as/RedditSearchHelper: A Chrome extension that displays the post date, number of upvotes and number of comments for Reddit links in Google search results

馃寧 ADHD Pro - Increase Productivity with ADHD

馃寧 GitHub - voodooEntity/gss: golang static serve | a simple go cli tool to http serve static files .

馃寧 QuickViz - Markdown Visualizations

馃寧 Martin Rue 鈥 Projects

馃寧 CoroFence - Thermal Detector馃枛 - Hackster.io

馃寧 MultiSenseCrown - Hackster.io

馃寧 Handshake

馃寧 Sleep Hygiene For Software Engineers | Building __ From Scratch

馃寧 GitHub - dwarkeshsp/rust-covid-simulation

馃寧 alttp-multiplayer/README.md at master 路 JamesDunne/alttp-multiplayer 路 GitHub

馃寧 GitHub - fbecart/zinoma: 沤inoma - Make your build flow incremental

馃寧 ToetsHub

馃寧 Animal Crossing Catch Guide

馃寧 GitHub - SawyerHood/recoil-undo: Undo functionality for the recoil state management library

馃寧 lightdriver | Anfractuosity | Still waiting on the daybreak, its shadows in my mind

馃寧 Famicom Party

馃寧 Wendel Scardua - itch.io

馃寧 GitHub - technomada/cloud-from-scratch: Build yourself a private self-hosted full-stack personal cloud system.

馃寧 Meet Marquee

馃寧 GitHub - dbish/tweetlights: website for curating highlights of your own tweets so new followers can quickly get up to speed rather then reading through 100s or 1000s of previous tweets

馃寧 GitHub - EmailThis/ansible-rails: Ruby on Rails deployment using Ansible - with Lets Encrypt, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, nginx & puma

馃寧 GitHub - ehrmann/vhs-capture: Notes on capturing and encoding VHS tapes

馃寧 Saltcorn - open-source no-code

馃寧 GitHub - Bearcatter/bearcatter: a system for controlling, recording and managing the Uniden SDS100 and SDS200

馃寧 GitHub - akbarnes/dupver: Minimalist deduplicating version control for binary files

馃寧 GitHub - ente-io/frame: Mobile apps for ente.io

馃寧 HTTP Status Code Guides - Hexadecimal

馃寧 GitHub - zedr/simple-mailer: A simple Python mailer for shared hosting sites

馃寧 How to send mail on Namecheap shared hosting | by Rigel "zedr" Di Scala | Medium

馃寧 Browser Testing in the Cloud for 鈧20 per month | Browserbase

馃寧 DIY 2D Plotter | Hackaday.io

馃寧 Histre : Smart Bookmarks with Notes, Highlights, and Tree-Style History

馃寧 GitHub - carlinmack/NamespaceDatabase: A tool to create a database of Wikipedia edits

馃寧 /blog/p/wikipediaplots/

馃寧 Today in Indian History from Honesty Is Best

馃寧 GitHub - federicotdn/verb: Organize and send HTTP requests from Emacs

馃寧 GitHub - praveenpenumaka/numpygo

馃寧 @KnowledgeDay | Linktree

馃寧 Calenduck - Calendly + Slack direct integration

馃寧 Making Autotable - pwmarcz.pl

馃寧 ToonClip - Animations in minutes using an easy online editor

馃寧 ~zjm/Moon3D - sourcehut git

馃寧 ~sforman/Yengapult - sourcehut git

馃寧 ~sforman/SpaceGame - sourcehut git

馃寧 Rewrite text with TextRewrite.com

馃寧 GitHub - qwickly-org/Qwickly

馃寧 Qwickly: Keyboard Layout - Software and Systems鈥擪eith Kim

馃寧 GitHub - willcipriano/Podje.li: Podjeli is file sharing on your terms, encode your file into URLs. SPA written in JavaScript with JQuery.

馃寧 lz-string: JavaScript compression, fast! - pieroxy.net

馃寧 Crafting Interpreters

馃寧 GitHub - morgan-murray/bin-day: Skill for deployment with Amazon's Alexa for checking waste collection details in Wychavon

馃寧 Everyday is Eventful | Whataday

馃寧 GitHub - bogdan-largeanu/zing: The bookmark manager of your bash scripts.

馃寧 Metalens for Hacker News :: 3AM Engineering

馃寧 GitHub - runekaagaard/django-hypergen: A framework on top of Django that makes it easy to create responsive web pages without javascript.

馃寧 GitHub - runekaagaard/django-treeform: WIP. A general declarative method of transforming one tree into another tree. Specific functions for the Django ORM.

馃寧 Air One PAPR 鈥 Air to All

馃寧 Browserboard - Online Whiteboard

馃寧 GitHub - agquick/elemx.js: Library for connecting MobX to native Web Components with a Vue-like template binding syntax

馃寧 Open Topo Data

馃寧 MexicanTrain.Online 鈥 Play Mexican train online with your friends and family!

馃寧 GitHub - smudge/nightlight: A CLI for configuring "Night Shift" on macOS 馃寱馃寲馃寳馃寴馃寫

馃寧 Thinking Clearly

馃寧 GitHub - thwidge/thoughts: A portable pal for putting your thoughts on the internet

馃寧 GitHub - boothby/dissert: A file-level assertion disabler for Python

馃寧 Virtual Reality Full Body Workout | Strong, quick and always fresh

馃寧 epanet-js

馃寧 Cheap multi-city flights blog | Hopupon

馃寧 Time for Me

馃寧 Medienkultur TMCP Dieburg WS 21/22 鈥 Just another WordPress site

馃寧 AI Graduate

馃寧 Storylocks - Write with friends

馃寧 Stonksfolio

馃寧 GitHub - argosopentech/argos-translate: Open source neural machine translation in Python. Designed to be used either as a Python library or desktop application. Uses OpenNMT for translations and PyQt for GUI.

馃寧 App for step-by-step guides and tutorials with screenshots

馃寧 GitHub - kinoute/typora-hivacruz-theme: A Typora theme forked from Cobalt to match my other color schemes.

馃寧 V.O.B.S. - Virtual Online Broadcast System

馃寧 How an MLB Season Affects Sleep: Part 1 鈥 Jack McGeary

馃寧 GitHub - Toucaan/–inch: Inch:pixels polyfill mappings for intrinsic viewports.

馃寧 GitHub - joeycato/boundlessvideoplayer: An experimental web app that resamples a video's edge pixels during playback and projects them outwards in 3D.

馃寧 Starlink Coverage

馃寧 GitHub - russhughes/turtleplotbot3: The TurtlePlotBot3 is a MicroPython based 3D printed drawing robot powered by a TTGO T-Display ESP32 Module

馃寧 GitHub - evanw/esbuild: An extremely fast JavaScript and CSS bundler and minifier

馃寧 Codemap - The code visualizer you wished for

馃寧 Stuck at Fucking Home - Quarantine Entertainment

馃寧 Programmer Weekly: A Free, Weekly Programmer, Developer E-mail Newsletter

馃寧 Neumorphic Generator - Delightful CSS presets for your next product | Product Hunt

馃寧 Pages100 - Keep track of your website speed, SEO, accessibility and best practices. We run daily checks via Google Lighthouse.

馃寧 DB From Zero

馃寧 collect.cat

馃寧 Filestash 鈥 Self-hosted client for your data

馃寧 SNIPR v4 2020402

馃寧 Messagink

馃寧 Log Owl | Monitoring and Analytics

馃寧 T-box riboswitch annotation database - TBDB

馃寧 CheckFox

馃寧 playit.gg

馃寧 FastComments - Commenting Done Right

馃寧 20 Things

馃寧 SoloCoin - Stay Home. Earn Rewards. - SoloCoin

馃寧 PodHound

馃寧 Stock Events portfolio tracker

馃寧 MasksOn.org