TradingUtils :: Collection of scripts and utilities for stock market analysis, strategies etc

Collection of scripts and utilities for stock market analysis, strategies.

HttpRider :: Cross-Platform Open Source Desktop API Client

HttpRider is a cross-platfom open souce desktop API client built using Python and PyQt. It is a lean alternative to Postman and other tools developed using Electron.

DevRider :: Development Tools/Utilities In One Place

There is a serious problem with the state of simple development tools on the internet. Most of the websites providing simple encoders/decoders/formatters/prettifiers are filled with ads and popups 😷 which makes it difficult and risky to use. And then there is also a huge problem with privacy 👀 and leaking any private data that is used on any of these websites.

DevRider is an attempt to provide a desktop tool which includes a shell and addins for various utilities.

KubeRider :: Desktop Kubernetes Client

KubeRider is a simple desktop client for working with Kubernetes. It is a wrapper over kubectl which means you don’t have to remember CLI options and arguments.

OnePage :: Simple ScratchPad

Simple Cross-Platform ScratchPad.

Docker-Files :: Dockerfile(s) for NodeJS, Python, Java, Ruby etc

Search engine for Dockerfiles

Tube Stats :: Export Youtube Comments

Completely serverless e-commerce service built using Python, Serverless Framework and DynamoDB and deployed on AWS Platform.

News Rider :: Personalised News

Personalised News Delivery. Built using Python/Ansible and deployed on DigitalOcean/RaspberryPi