Generating sequence diagrams with HttpRider

Most tools consider an HTTP API call as a single request but that is not usually the case. An API call is surrounded by a sequence of other APIs which makes it easy to understand the context of the use case.

In HttpRider, I’ve recently introduced an exporter for sequence diagrams. So a collection of HTTP calls can be easily exported to sequence diagrams using PlantUML/MermaidJS.

HttpRider is an open source cross platform desktop client for working with JSON APIs

Here is an example:

To help the tool understand the different participants, the title of each call needs to follow this convention, for eg.
[Client -> Gateway] Make payment

Where Client and Gateway are two different actors in a sequence diagram. In this case, HttpRider will try to extract the actors/participants between [source -> target] and renders it in plantuml syntax.

The full diagram can be rederend using the online tool. Here is the link to the generated diagram from the above calls.

A quick video demonstration